Suggestions for Controversial Toolbar and Browser Add-On

It is more than clear that by now there is more than enough controversy surrounding the questionable Add-On and Browser search in the latest versions of PDF Creator, yet nothing is being done about it. I have read through all of the posts on this topic in both forums, as well as additional sites, yet I am still amazed that no action whatsoever has been taken to address this outstanding issue. Many of your customers are giving you loud and clear feedback and it is just being ignored.

I understand that as developers, you (Philip and Frank), should be compensated for your hard work and for such a remarkable product, but going about it this way is truly questionable. Here are just a few suggestions I have and hopefully one of them appeals to you so the next version there won't be as much as a public outcry (and your huge customer base won't continue to erode in search of alternative solutions).

1. Like others have suggested, why not make both the Yahoo toolbar and other search add-on unchecked, allowing the person installing to opt-in rather than opting-out. This will allow people who think that either one of these features is valuable to opt-in, while preventing others from being tricked who don't know what it is or don't need it from installing it. Yes, you would lose money this way, but you would protect your brand in the long run and leave open the possibility to make revenue additional ways in the future.

2. If you feel you must keep them checked and consider everyone who is forgetting to uncheck them either lazy or stupid, why not have both on one page, seperate from everything else, and make it easier to understand. I was one of the fortunate people lucky enough to catch both, but many only uncheck the first screen and then leave the second screen checked not noticing it. This tricks people into thinking they haven't installed it, when theyve actually only unchecked 1 of 2 questionable add-ons. I've read your posts defending that it is clear in the directions, but if this many people are having a problem with it, maybe it should be reconsidered how it is worded...

3. Take a page out of PDF SAM's book and offer 2 different versions. One can include this add-on and the other, which can be purchased for a price you deem appropriate, can be free of both the toolbar and the search setting, which you may be surprised many people are willing to pay for. I myself would certainly dish out $5-10 for this version, which I'm sure is more than what is being made from the browser add-ons anyway.

I apologize if my tone was negative and for the long post, Philip and Frank. You truly have one of the most amazing open source applications on the market today and I just hate to see it receiving the amount of bad publicity it is getting. Wherever you go, whether it be this forum, wikipedia, sourceforge, etc there are angry users talking about the "malware". If there's anything I can do that can contribute to seeing this problem fixed, whether it be a monetary donation, marketing help (I'm a consultant), or anything else, please let me know. I look forward to hearing your response and seeing a resolution to this problem in the future!