Suggestions Thread

Hi!! I've been using PDF Creator for more than 5 years (purchased version) and I have some suggestions for devs to implement into next version or Software update:

I´ve been using this software mostly for repetitive actions, such as print 3 images from an editing image software, save them to a unique PDF file in a concrete folder and name it to a concrete name+sequence name. So mainly my suggestions are focused on timesaving for those routines and repetitive works:

1- Window position memory: When activating PDF creator window by printing in any software, this window always appears at the center of the screen. In many other programs if you move that window or scale it, Windows will remember that config and show next time the window activates that window in the last position and size. This does not happen in PDF Creator. I think it could be a good idea to have it as an option: Remember LAST Size and position of PDF window printing dialog.

2- Combine ALL predefined: In the printing dialog window, when printed a doc into PDFCreator, There are 4 buttons downside which are: "Cancel - Combine - E-Mail - Save ". The buttons I mainly use are Combine (in its "Combine ALL" sub-button) and Save. I usually press Enter in the Keyboard to press the Save button for time saving, finding it so usefull. Problem is that, as I tend to combine more than 1 sheet printed, I usually use the "Combine ALL" feature, but it is not time-saving at all, becouse it does not show as predefined, so I have to click on the little arrow to show the Combine ALL option. So I strongly think that it would be so usefull to have the user the option to show the Combine ALL button instead of Combine button as predefined (preset button) or at least the software to auto change the button to Combine ALL, when more than 1 printed sheet is launched.

3- Ability to delete first page when multiple pages are to convert. This comes from my need of using Tokens to preset the file names of PDF created files. As I use an image/photo editor software (Corel Paint Shop Pro) to combine the images and create pdf files with those images, my photo editing software does not use tokens (or at least I don't know how to set them), so I thought about possibilty to use a Wordpad file which would contain my user tokens, so I print that wordpad file, and then I print the other/s image files, so my tokens are used, but when combining all the pages/docs I should be able to set PDFCreator to autodelete the first page (which would contain the tokens) just before creating the file but using those tokens to name the file and folder. Don't know if this could really be possible, but I can't think any other way to save time when creating pdf files from my Paint Shop Pro files when merging more than 1 imagefile into a PDF file and using tokens.

I hope you understand my ideas and I hope you feel free to have an official Suggestion Thread for us, users, to ask you for some usefull changes or ideas.