Support for PDFCreator Plus licence problem

I’m a registered user of  PDFCreator Plus and have been using it for several years on 3 computers without any problems. Now version 2.3.0 has arrived I’ve started installing it. Unfortunately when I got to my third computer holding the previous licensed version, it told me it needed to install the previous version. It did this and then refused to install the new version saying I have exceeded 5 licences which is incorrect. Not only can I not install the new version, my previous version has been uninstalled.

I was told when I purchased my PDFCreator Plus licence that I was entitled to premium email support but I have no idea how I get this premium support as I do not have a contact email address for them nor any link to where I can invoke my support.

How do I get support to solve my licence problem?


the contact email address is supplied in your purchase confirmation (support(at)pdfforge(dot)org.
You can request a password on (using the same email address that was used for the purchase) to monitor your current activation status and block machines which are no longer in use or don’t exist anymore. Upgrading Windows or exchanging hardware can change the hardware ID which causes the license server to assume an installation on a new machine, which increases the activation count. Blocking unused machines will decrease the activation count again.

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Thanks, that’s sorted the problem.