Suppress First Dialog Box

Is there a way to suppress the first dialog box that PDFCreator comes up with? The box that askes for Document Title, Creation Date, Modify Date, Author, Subject, and Keywords. When this opens you can make changes and click the save, but then you have to click the save all over to really save the file. It would be nice if the software had an option to turn this dialog box on or off. We would like to turn it off to save a step and our users will never need to enter any of that information anyway. Huge Thanks!

I was hoping a developer would have responded to this. I am hoping the above suggestion is able to be added. Thanks again.


we will consider to do this, but it needs to be considered at some points in the program, at the moment. We are planning a bigger rework of the code and most likely this will be integrated then and not as a small fix now.

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[PDFCreator 0.9.8]

I would very much like to second/support ITT's request to remove the prompts in order to facilitate batch/automatic pdf printing of multiple source documents. (I have no connection with him/her, I registered purely to make this comment although I have used PDFCreator for some years).

The issue is that on this occasion I wish to print to pdf a nested html format program help file ( 

Having spent 2+ hours scouring the web for an online html to pdf converter which can handle links/act recursively and print a composite pdf from e.g. such a nested html program help file, I adandoned the quest having found only single page converters and one purporting to print links but failing to do so.  

As I find it near impossible to read detailed matter on screen when comprehension demands annotating and studied reference I thought the next best thing would be to print all the html files in name order from XP (SP3) Explorer. In this case there are some 59 html files in the bundled program help file.

The problem then encountered is that after selecting the html files and right clicking to access the shell extension to create pdf (selecting the 'wait' option) one is presented with

1. Windows print dialogue box prompting to select printer, in this case either Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF Creator (even though it is the default); then

2. PDF Creator dialogue box promting for Document Title, etc etc as enumerated in the original post. 

The effect is that the printing process stalls as these dialogue boxes are opened before they can be reacted to/manually processed and a stall/crash ensues.

Thanks for your programming and I do hope realisation of this request can be accelerated.




@Parasite: I thank you for agreeing with me on this feature add. I just downloaded 0.99 and unfortunately they did not add the check box to turn the dialog box off.

I would like to once again request that this dialog box can be turned on or off in the options. - Thank you very much.

Team pdfforge

Would you be so kind to add this option.

Thank you.

I would also appreciate it, if the first dialog box can be optionally disabled. In 99.9% of the cases I use only the "save" button.

It’s been more than 3 years since the last post. I have made a search but I haven’t found any solution to this persistent problem.

This dialog box is of no use 99% of the time. It is really annoying, it would be logical to put this feature as an option only.

Has anybody found a solution to this problem ?