Suspicious URL's in PDFCreator installer

When downloading/installing PDFCreator (through PDFCreator-1_4_1_setup.exe) my anti-virus software Kaspersky warned against 2 url's. One url is; Kaspersky added in Dutch ('analysis using the database with suspicious URL's') and it mentioned 'Refused' (in Dutch: Geweigerd). I'n not sure what the effect of "Refused' is, since PDFCreator has nevertheless been installed on my pc. Could you please comment on the alerts of Kaspersky and confirm that the installation was safe and that I can use PDFCreator. I won't take the risk of using it before I receive your reaction.



if you downloaded it from here or from sourceforge, it is definitly virus free. During the installation, InstallManager.exe downloads the setup screen for bundeled software (the setup for the bundeled software itself isn´t downloaded without your permission). You can use the PDFCreator without needing to worry.