Table of Contents links lost during conversion from Word to PDF


I hope someone can help.

Just recently started using PDFCreator 2.2 plus (on Windows 8.1 pro) to securely convert Word documents and all looked good until I noticed that the table of contents no longer has the associated links.

Other PDF conversion tools seems to handle this ok, and saving into PDF format within Word also works fine.

I've looked at the settings and user guide but can see no reference to manage this functionality so I am wondering, is it a limitation of PDFCreator or am I missing something.

Any help appreciated.



I am afraid there is no setting for this, PDFCreator works as virtual printer and the links aren’t included in the printing data, so there is no way to reconstruct them. For word there is a plugin called PDF-T-Maker which can be used in connection with PDFCreator in order to maintain links from Word documents, but this hasn’t been tested from our side with any recent PDFCreator version.

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