Terminal Server 2008 64 Bit


I've installed PDF Creator on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server. Unfortunately I receive the following error message when opening the Printer - Preferences dialog:


Does anyone know a solution for this problem? There is another person in the german forum who has the same problem (http://en.pdfforge.org/forum/help-german/4186-terminalserver-windows-2008-64bit-mit-citrix)

Thanks for any help!

 At the moment I have no idea. What happen if you press the button "Next command"?

I have installed PDF Creator on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server (32 bit) and got an error box that looked the same. But I'm not sure if it was the same error message (it's was about 10 months ago).

What I had to do to make it work was add pdfcreator.exe to the DEP exclusion list. Control panel -> system -> advanced system settings -> Performance Settings -> Data Execution Prevention.

Maybe you are lucky with this solutions ;-)


Thanks for your help rik! I added pdfcreator.exe to the DEP exclusion list and now it works.

Frank: When I pressed the next button, Windows mentioned that PDF Creator was not working anymore and closed immediately.


This problem with DEP has been around for a long time. A program that is blocked by DEP is, in principle, a program with buffer overruns, and such a program is a potential target for malware -- something that we would rather not have running on our machines...

Is there any real solution to the DEP problem?