Terminal server. All users can see the files created by others

we installed PDFcreator 1.2.2. on our Terminal server 2008 in standard mode (as advised)
The problem now is when multiple users are printing to the pdfcreator, those prints are murged into one queue. so users can save the prints from other users. This is also a big deal when users are trying to combine documents. other users save a document and after that they get the popup for another persons document and cancel them, throwing away the print.
Is there a option to give each user a seperate queue

Thanks in advance.
Johan de Zwaan


please take a look at the following two registry keys: 



PrinterTemppath should have the value "PDFCreator\\" (without the "")


PDFServer needs to have the value "0".

Please contact us again if this doesn´t solve your problem.





Hi Robin,

I understand what the first entry is for, but still I'm asking myself why PDF Creator isn't spooling to %TEMP%\\ by default? I'm asking because security issues may arise on workstations as well - not only on terminal servers

And how is PDF Creator's resolved?

Will %TEMP% work for PrinterTemppath as well?

And does it help to run redmon with user rights on a terminal server?

Setting the second entry to "0" should disable uninstallation, I guess?

Please don't feel offended by those questions - PDF Creator is a great peace of software!

kind regards



the Token is replaced by the appropriate Temp Path. under normal circumstances, this should be the user's temp path. This should be the case, when PDFCreator is installed in standard mode (not server mode) and the Temp Path is set to "PDFCreator\\" (which is the default setting)

The only case when this does not work is in the server mode. There it can't be assured that a user is logged in and has a temp path configured. Therefore, all user's print jobs are spooled in the same directory and are distributed via auto-save.

Setting the REgistry Value PDFServer to 0 disables the server mode and should make PDFCreator use the user's temp path again.

kind regards,

Hi Robin,

the issue was indeed the PrinterTemppath key. i can't remember but is seems i've changed that somewhere along the way.

Further there is no PDFServer entry on the uninstall location. but i think that doesn't matter.

Johan de Zwaan.


I've been fiddling with the settings and now know why we changed the Printertemppath in the first place.

 When users try to print to the PDFcreator they get the following error:

PrinterTemppath: 'C:\\users\\administrator\\appdata\\temp\\PFDCreator\\' = 'C:\\users\\administrator\\appdata\\temp\\PFDCreator\\'
There is a problem with aquiring access to the station or folder.

All users get the administrator temppath. although i manualy edit the registry to PDFCreator\\.

The only thing i can think of is: we are copying the ntuser.dat from the administrator to the default user, becouse of settings to the desktop e.g. but there the temppath is also PDFCreator\\.

Please advise.

Johan de Zwaan.



have you tried using the newest version 1.3.2?