Terminal Server Distribution and Licensing

I recently purchased PDF Creator Terminal Server to use in our Citrix environment.

We currently utilize four Citrix replicas in support of our environment. These servers are all created from a single master image. Is it possible that the four replicas can be licensed with a single key which would, in turn, be associated with four purchased license copies? Our process is to perform a single installation for each application.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



Hi Jeff,

generally one key can be used for as many machines as licenses were purchased.
If the replicas have internet access in order to refresh the machine bound part of the activation online, all you need should be the volume license key with all licenses on one key. You might need an additional license for the master image, for the licensing details please send us a request through https://support.pdfforge.org/
We can usually also merge your already purchased licenses into a single key if required

Best regards