Text corrupted in PDF where original uses Helvetica font

PDFcreator: 0.9.5
Windows: XP SP3

I am printing to PDF from Google Chrome and having a problem with the resulting PDF.

The original document has the text:
This is correctly rendered in Chrome with the font Helvetica (Type1).

But the PDF has the text:
vq <g"g t gf " x k c " whce v wtk p
This is rendered in Adobe Reader with Helvetica also, but you can see the text is completely corrupt. There is also some overprinting which does not reproduce accurately above. This is also how the document prints.

Every other text on the page that is rendered with Helvetica is similarly corrupt in the PDF. Text rendered with other fonts is fine in the PDF.

I have looked at the PDFcreator and Adobe Reader documentation for a solution.

Changing the “Use Windows fonts” option in PDFcreator did not help, and changing the “Use local fonts” option in Reader did not help either.

Where am I going wrong?

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Can you post the link please?


It’s a private page, so I have sanitized the page and posted it here:


I have also confirmed the problem still exists in the Helvetica text on the sanitized page.


Agreed, but font does not need to be Helvetica. Page looks fine on Firefox, and prints fine using alternative printer but the result using pdfcreator .9.9 here:


The Plot Thickens - using IE instead of FF its still corrupted, but in a different way eg text on right is OK but overprint on left.


I am having a similar problem when using a True Type GillSans font. I get text output like: iÉÇÅçê=fåÇìëíêáÉë=fåÅ=



Found the fix.


Printer Preferences > Advanced > Document Options > Post Script Options > True Type Download Option > Outline OR Bitmap

Bitmap creates larger files in my case so I will be testing with Outline




in my case, it don't work I continue find especial caracters