TIFF Format

After saving file to TIFF formats, the file size is getting increased a lot, hence if you are able to make it right file size after the TIFF formats it will be great


I tried compress and other setting but no luck,


hence if you are able to fix the issue in PDF Creator 2.0 then really appreciated

How large will the files be? and which resolution do you use for the TIFF files?

Hi Philip,

For any file , if I save as TIFF format its consuming huge file size even I tried If I tried with compress option. Robin also tested and confirmed there is an some issue with PDF Creator. where as there is no issue when we covert to PDF. The below mail is for your reference.

From: Robin Werner [mailto:support@pdfforge.org]
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 4:13 PM
To: Srinivasan, Rajini
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I can see the .tiffs are really quite big, I need to talk to our developers though to find out if this is due to the image format itself or an actual problem with the software. PDF files are a lot smaller here, I can’t see any issues with PDF file sizes.