Timeouts in .cPrintURL

PDFCreator 'timesout' when processing relativley large numbers of .cPrintURL statements - 1 or 2 pages seems fine, but over 25 (I have tried with up to 174) it aborts with no messages/errors/etc (but there are 2 'boom' sounds of hidden error dialogs).

I'm using WScript from VBScript processing generated html pages written to the local root - these pages contain simple table data each representing one page of a report.

I've played with the timeout value on wscript.exe, the Wscript.Sleep value in a modified version of URL2PDF.vbs and the values within its Do Loop wait - all without knowing what I'm actually doing (see earlier post) and without success.

Any help would be good.


The script uses the function cPrintURL. I found the description of this function in the help file:
Public Sub cPrintURL(ByVal URL As String, Optional ByVal TimeBetweenLoadAndPrint As Long = 0)
Have you tried to increase TimeBetweenLoadAndPrint?