To Save list of documets before combine

I'm usually using PDF creator to combine several documents into one PDF file, but sometimes, after combine i need to change something in pdf document. I find out that PDFCreator store list of "printed" documents in some file or something, becouse if itы crushes or during computer reset, if you starting pdfcreator again, it allready have list you worked with. So, i have two questions, where PDFcreator themporary store this list? it will help me to backup this file and to do some changes in future, and if PDFCreator allready themporary store this list somewhere, it have to be easy to add new function in future versions like "save, open PDFCreator Project", it will be very usefull for me, for example, have developers any plans about this? Thank you.

ok, i find out that it saves all documets to "C:\\Users\\*userfilder*\\Local Settings\\Temp\\PDFCreator\\PDFCreatorSpool", and i'm using it to save folders as "PDFCreator Workspace", what about to to add function to next version of PDFCreator? I'm ready to make a donation around 100$ for this.