Troubles trying to use a Window shared PDFCreator printer from Solaris

Hello everyone,

as I'm trying to generate PDFs from a Solaris machine by using a PDFCreator Windows shared printer, I'm facing the following issue:

- text files are printed nicely in a PDF

- PDF files see their internal content/code put into a new PDF

- these same PDF can be printed with a regular printer

So the resulting PDF will look like:

1 0 obj
/Marked true
/Lang (fr-FR)
/Pages 2 0 R
/StructTreeRoot 3 0 R
/Type /Catalog
2 0 obj

I have tried to play with the -I parameter of my Solaris printer without any noticable change. Maybe I did not put the right value. Any idea of what it should be? In the same idea I tried the -T parameter, without more luck.

I'm using Solaris 10 x86 and Windows XP.

Any input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance,