Truncated file name printing from InfoPath

Hi there,

Currently using PDFCreator 4.3.0 as part of an automated process to print PDFs from InfoPath forms. As part of the process, since I'm losing XML metadata in the conversion, I'm placing important information into the filename instead. This generates file names up to about 100 characters long, at worst.

However, upon initiating the print to PDFCreator from InfoPath, the resulting filename is 42 characters long minus the .pdf extension. I attempted to add Title Replacement to strip out "Microsoft InfoPath - " from the filename, but the filename gets cut off at the exact same spot regardless. I've tried outputting using different tokens, but I get the same result each time.

I'm unsure if the truncation is coming from InfoPath, or from the PDFCreator, but if there's any guidance to resolve this issue, I would be greatly appreciative!