Trying to sign in - No Internet connection

Architect 7 (free). Trying to sign in to my account, app says Cannot Sign-In - No Internet Connection. Obviously, I most certainly do have an Internet connection or I would not be able to write this message :wink:

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem.

Didn't try this one. But I want to try. Give me some more details about it.

I've got the same issue.
Trying to log in on my new laptop but it says no internet connection in the software. Got web access in the browser and all other applications connecting to the internet work as well.

Paid for the annual plan and can't use the software because I need to activate it..... which I can't.

Had the same issue. Apparently youยดll have to include both those domains in your firewall/antivirus white list:


(just change "#" for ".")

Exact same problem here..... in 2022 already..... no solution offered. Getting tired.

Here, the same bug. Waiting for it to auto-resolve.