Unable to autosave with ini file


my question is quite easy: I want to autosave the documents sended to the spooler via command line and I would want to use a custom ini file in order to do it.

If I open my options form, and configure the autosave option, all works fine, I execute a command from cmd, like this:

pdfcreator.exe /NOSTART /PF"C:\\fileinput.doc"

and all works fine, pdfcreator converts and save my document automatically.

Then I open the configuration window, and save the working current options to my ini file.

After this, I disabled the autosave option using my configuration form, setting values to default, and try to execute the command here over using the ini file that I saved previously, in this way:

pdfcreator.exe /OptionsFile"C:\\default.ini" /NOSTART /PF"C:\\fileinput.doc"

Now I would expect a behavior exactly like before. But that's not the way it is, because with this option pdfcreator open the window and ask me to press the save button.

Where am I mistaken?

thank you