Unable to convert a pdf file in openoffice!

Hello, I can no longer turn my cv as written by Browse to Save “> Software
"writer” of the suite open office pdf. I downloaded pdf
creator and at the same time “pdf architect” was installed. the
first time it worked and then after impossible to achieve!
pdf creator pdf uninstalled and then I reinstalled architect "pdf
creator “unchecking” pdf architect "in the installer
tools as well as bars and other parasites. New attempt,

When I open pdf creator and I click
on “Document” or “add”, I’m seeing the blue circle that rotates
as a timer during loading, pop me
pdf application set as the default printer, and then I click ok
nothing happens, invariably doc takes care of the queue
my real printer namely Brother dcp-130c and if it
is connected to my computer while the printer is printing my CV
paper form when I asked him nothing!

By cons no way to get a virtual document in pdf format.

this problem, I went into the generic program printers
and I deleted the virtual printer pdf, nothing works every time
I click on the “Add” button in the window of pdf creator, it
does not create a pdf document however it adds the doc
virtual queue of my real printer Brother dcp-130c

crack! HELP ME!!! This is urgent I have to send CV pity
Geek have pity on a guy who does not like computer programs
GGGGRRRRR any kind, it always starts messing these
bullshit!! GGGNNNHHH, I hate computer :frowning:

Is there a kind soul gifted Geek to rescue me please?

I look forward to your responses.


please try the following procedure:

1.Unistall PDFCreator
2. Do a reboot (this is important, full reboot)
3. Reinstall PDFCreator

Then best way of converting any file is “printing” it from the application it is produced in to the PDFCreator virtual printer (like printing on paper, but selecting the PDFCreator printer instead of your real printer)