Unable to convert all the RTF Files to PDF format


I've just started using PDFCreator. This may not be an existing bug, but want some suggestions from you.

I've some files in a folder and I'm trying to convert all those files into PDF files. When I'm debugging through the code, I'm able to convert all the rtf files to PDF Files but when I'm execting my program in run mode then only 21 / 50 PDF Files are getting generated.

I'm not using any timers for this. I'm writing my code. Please help me ASAP.

   For Each file In objfiles
      pdfjob.cPrintFile file.Path

.cprinterStop = false




I have the same problem, sometimes my rtf-files are converted, sometimes not.

Any idea what can be the problem?



 I had same problem.

I resolved using  sleep instruction before next job


sleep 1100