Unable to install pdf creator 2.3.2 due to error

When attempting to install PDFCreator 2.3, a message informs me it is indicated to me “that a PDF version 0.0.0 of PDF CREATOR is already installed on my PC and I have to uninstall”

An invitation to uninstall then offered me. I accept and I have the following message:
= = = = =
Runtime error (at 304: 207)
Internal Error: an Attempt Was Made to expand the “app” constant before It was initialized "


this is probably caused by a registry entry of an older version. Please check your registry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{0001B4FD-9EA3-4D90-A79E-FD14BA3AB01D} and delete the entire {0001B4FD-9EA3-4D90-A79E-FD14BA3AB01D} key if it is still there.

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Hi Robin

Thank you very much for your prompt help. I am now able to reinstall PDF Creator. Much Appreciated…Great Work…