Unable to install subcomponents (Error Code: 0x80080017)

I recently upgrade to PDF Architect Pro V3, but cannot install any of the functional subcomponents.  I receive a nastygramme reporting Error Code: 0x80080017 in the Installer service.  How do I install the Pro subcomponents on a 64 bit Windows 8.1 system?

There are other PDF manipulation products available, and so far PDF Architect has shown itself to be more trouble than it’s worth.


please make sure you are using a PDF Architect 3 license key to activate the modules. PDF Architect 2 keys will not work for PDF Architect 3.

Moreover please try using our .zip Archive with MSI-Installer for PDF Architect 3. They are not uploaded on our side yet but we have them available for download here: 

The .zip Archive contains MSI-Installer for the basic program as well as for each module. Just search for the ones you need, extract and execute them.

If nothing of the above solves the problem, please contact our phone support. The numbers can be found here: http://web.pdfarchitect.org/support.aspx

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