Unable to login on App - same issues on site

So this is a clear complaint. I purchased PDF Architect last August, I used it fine then but I have come back to it now to do some editing on some PDFs. I changed computers since then so I could to install the software now. I can do that but I am unable to login. I used the Google Account option, but when I go to login the accept permissions option is greyed out and it fails because I am stuck on that page. I go to this forum and have to login, create an account etc. I do this same and again your forums have a similar issue that you lead me through some stupid 'how to be nice' page which probably would not be needed if you had a working login system in both your forums and your app. In the Forum, the only way I could get past the message was closing the browser and going in again where it is clear this time enough of a set of cookies was present to take me in.

I don't actually want help any more because I cannot use your software at all. All I wanted to do was rotate a single page and I have wasted an hour of my time trying to do that. Your software is just bad. God damn it.