Unable to move a selection of items all together


After the most recent update I seem to be unable to move/resize multiple objects at once.
For example, I have an invoice on a page that I need to shrink as a whole, however if I select all elements at once, then I cannot move or resize the objects.

I used to be able to do this prior to the most recent update?

Can someone please advise


I have the problem as well and I've already tested all possibilities but nothing worked.
I need urgently help.


I've got 18 Pc's experiencing this error, after updating to the latest version. Need some Guidance here, please.

Do anyone read these comments? For over one week I cannot properly use the program.

I still have this issue.
Not looking good for their customer support!

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Hello? Customer Support? Are you there? Did you read our comments? Are you still in progress to solve this problem?

Hi. Sorry.

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