Unable to run PDFMerge in DOS Window

I'm trying to merge two PDF files in Windows 10 DOS. When I run the Merge command I get a PDFCreator Window pop-up with Applications Settings and Profile Settings and the files never get merged.

Here's the command: PDFCreator.exe /Merge "c:\share\testpage1.pdf" "c:\share\testpage2.pdf" /Outputfile="c:\share\mergepTes1.pdf"

Tried removing double quotes and I get the same pop-up with the following:
PDFCreator.exe /Merge c:\share\testpage1.pdf c:\share\testpage2.pdf /Outputfile=c:\share\mergepTes1.pdf

I've also uploaded a screen shot of this behavior. I would appreciate if some can provide guidance on how to execute the Merge command in DOS.


Why are you using such an old version?

Using the latest PDFCreator version doesn't show this behavior, instead show a confirmation form.