Unable to Sign in from app

Hi - I recently purchased PDF Architect for the PDF editing features. I get an error when trying to sign in with my account. The error returned is:

boost:bad_format_string: format-string is ill-formed

I've emailed support but have not heard back from them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I am having the same difficulty. I also tried re-installing the software, and also changing my password but neither made a difference.

I did the same thing. Re-installed and changed the password did nothing. I've sent an email to support but have not heard back.

I've had this software for a couple weeks now and Im unable to use it. What a waste of money!!!

It worked a week ago when I purchased it and now it won't work and I get this same error and support won't email me back. I can't sign in. GARBAGE!!!!!!

Did you ever get this working anybody?