Uninstall the "Updated Search Bar" program

When I downloaded PDF Architect last week a new search bar was installed as well, with my permission.

I would like to uninstall it now but cannot find either an uninstall option or the program listed in the Control Panel to be uninstalled.  Can you tell me the steps to take to uninstall the search bar?  Thanks

I am having the same problem. Uninstalling the program in windows XP "add/remove programs" did not remove it. Is it even possible to uninstall this bundled software?

Turns out the company hid the malware in the extensions, naming it something like "default tab" so you wouldn't see it and be able to uninstall it. Removing that extension, at least in Firefox, seems to have fixed the problem. Wish I could have 2 hours of my life back, though!

I have firefox and have the insipid toolbar that I want to remove . . . can you please help me out?

Thanks so much



normally it should be able to uninstall it using your windows control panel (depending on the provider, the name may be different from the actual toolbar but it should be recognizable).

You can also disable it in your browsers addons. Some search bars offer a method to uninstall directly from the search bar.






just go to
Firefox at the right corner
then click Add ons
then remove or disable