Uninstalling PDF Architect 6 completely


Dear Sir/Madam,

PDF Architect 6 was installed when I am installing PDF Creator. I am trying to uninstall PDF Architect 6 but fail to do that.
At first I use the control panel and uninstall program but found an error and the name of the program was removed from the list. However the program is still in system and still running.
I found your removal program for PDF Architect 5 and ran it. It deleted folder PDF Architect 6 manager but didn't delete the PDF Architect 6 folder. When I tried to delete it manually, I can't and received the following message: "The action can't be completed because a folder or a file in it is open in another program".
Please do kindly help how I can completely remove this PDF Architect 6 from my system (I am using Windows 7). Thank you.



Solved it already. After I reinstalled and later used the setup manager to remove it completely.


I have the same problem but cannot uninstall PDF architect 6. I just wanted pdf créator and it installed it without asking me.
Now it gives me the error 1603
Can you help?