Update PDFCreator but keep Printers & Settings


we're using PDFCreator version 0.9.9 (server install) and have 19 printers (each printer has a different setting - i.e. save files to different folder). these printers are then set to have AD permissions on the server so only selected people can use each one i.e. Printer PDF_France uses profile PDFFrance that saves files to a French Folder - the folder and printer are then only accessible to our French users - likewise same thing set-up for Germany, Hong Kong etc.

How do i upgrade to version 1.0.1 ( or any version ) and KEEP these settings and printers ?

As you can imagine setting up all the profiles, and printers (plus "ports" they use etc.) can be a bit of a pain - 1 slight change in spelling and it all falls apart.

Thanks in advance for any help.