Upgrade to PdfCreator 2.2 deletes pdf printer, cannot install virtual printer

Windows 10 64bit

I upgraded to pdfcreator 2.2. Now I have no pdfcreator printer driver, so I cannot create pdf files. I also attempted to install the pdfcreator printer under application settings in pdfcreator 2.2. The printer installs, but never shows up after I save the settings. 

Can I uninstall v 2.2 and re-install v. 2? Perhaps the app is not quite ready for Win 10?
I have the same problem
Platform win7 ultimate 32bit
I have removed 2.2 version and reinstall 2.1.2 version without success.
Any help will be appreciated

I suspect the v 2.2 was not quite ready for prime time. I also have a printer called Microsoft to PDF Printer. I do not know where it came from, perhaps windows 10? I am using it in the meantime. I suggest you uninstall all PDF Creator/Architect products and download and install the free version (forget the update). See if that works. You can probably fins the v1 product on the internet. If I cannot solve my problem long term, I will move to a competing product.

OK, here is what I did to solve my problem:

I uninstalled PDF Creator 2.2. I also uninstalled Architect 4, which had been installed with the new Creator Plus. I use v3 and will upgrade, but not now.

I then re-installed PDF Creator 2.2. The install was interrupted to download v 2.2.1 (new version), which I allowed to download and install. When the window comes up allowing you to install Architect v4, I unchecked the box. I want to keep this install simple. Not ready to upgrade. I am using v3.

When the reinstall completed, I rebooted. The printer driver is now present and the app works as it should. Hope this helps…
remove pdfcreator reference from reg
Run wise register cleaner
Remove pdfcmon.dll

I tried everything here, and more besides. No PDFcreator printer ever installs. I’ve haven’t done anything profound to my hardware or operating system. W8 pro. Pity, I’ve used PDFcreator for years, donated once, but since I conducted a routine upgrade (up from 2.3), done many incremental upgrades before, never a hitch…I CANNOT PRINT TO PDF ANYMORE.