Urgent: Cannot dispaly Option(Setting) screen in PDF Creator 1_7_0

Hi, please help to investigate the cause.

Now we have installed PDF Creator 1_7_0 on a Windows server 2008.
And the installation has completed successfully.

But, in clicking to open setting page (PDF Creator > "Printer" > "Options (Ctrl+O)"),
then the PDF Creator screen is hanging ...

We want to set Auto save properties in this page.
Please kindly help what is happening ?
We need some preparation for 64-bit server environment ?

 Windows 2008 R2 (Standard) Service pack 1



you will probably need these


as far as I know, options are set to disabled/invisible in server mode by default (so that only the admin can change them via registry and the users don´t need to worry about em)

if you only need the options dialog to setup the autosave options, you could set those options via registry instead.



Thank you for your comment.

We'll try it, but we wonder why such authority control spec allows Option menu can be clicked ....


If the solution cannot be solve our problem,

We consider to use other software as well.


Anyway, thank you very much.


I just asked a dev and he said usually options should be visible by default, I got things mixed up, sorry.

Did you setup in server mode?
Was it an update, or was it a fresh installation?


Thanks for follow up.

It's a fresh(first time) installation, and occured such behaivior when we click option menu.


did you chose expert settings during setup and change the setup type to server mode?