Use new Ghostscript under old PDFcreator?

I have this running system

  • Windows server 2003, SP2
  • PDF Creator 0.9.6
  • Ghostscript 8.63

I want to update GS to a more current version, e.g. GS9.27W32. Will this be possible?
Can I install the new GS parallel to the old one and switch the settings in PDFCreator?

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No ideas to this question?


I don't think this will be possible, PDFCreator was adjusted to run smoothly with the current Ghostscript release multiple times.

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Desolé ..

Thanks Robin.

If there is anything we can help you with to get the new PDFCreator version running, just let us know.
I assume you have some application using the old COM interface, or do you need the old PDFCreator version for a different reason?

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the problem is that GS 8.63 creates the strange (encoded?) metadata in "Author" and other fields, like

I don't want to update the entire system on that old server (Win 2003), and hoped that a simple job like "copy the new GS to a folder and change the settings in PDFCreator" would do it.

But it's not that important to spend a lot of time with it.