Using AutoSave only for a given Profile

I am using v0.9.9 and the new "profile" feature.

What I would like to do is create one profile which auto-saves, while other profiles don't. The purpose of this is to have "preview" function, effectively, for a legacy program that doesn't have preview built-in.

So, when the user prints, they can select the default profile or this "Preview" profile. When they select Preview and Save, then I would like PDFCreator to save the file as specified in the Autosave settings and open the file.

I can set this up in the profile and I have checked in the Registry that the settings are saved under the profile. However, Autosave only seems to work in the "default" profile (when it is set there, you don't get the dialog coming up asking you about the profile, which makes sense).

So, is there any way I can do this? If not, can I log a feture request?

BTW, really liking the software. It's got it's quirks but is impressively well featured. Thanks for all the work going into this.