Using COM Object in VB 2008

I'd like to use the com object, to rebuild the monitor functionallity.
Therefore i want to copy the entries of the pdfc monitor to a list box in a vb form. To get the document name, I thought it's best to use following

PDFCApp = CreateObject("PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator")
        With PDFCApp
            For i As Integer = 1 To .cCountOfPrintjobs
                'Me.ListBox1.Items.Add(.cPrintjobInfo(.cPrintjobFilename(i), "REDMON_DOCNAME"))
        End With

My problem is, that the cPrintjobInfo-Function only gives me an Nothing.
If I try to fix that problem, by using the cPrintjobInfos-Function:

                temp = .cPrintjobInfos(.cPrintjobFilename(i))
                temp2 = temp.Computer
                temp2 = temp.Created
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_DOCNAME
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_FILENAME
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_JOB
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_MACHINE
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_PORT
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_PRINTER
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_SESSIONID
                temp2 = temp.REDMON_USER
                temp2 = temp.SpoolerAccount
                temp2 = temp.SpoolFilename

Then I get, with every parameter, an ""-String

How can I get the document-title parameter of the printjob?

How can I get the document-title parameter of the printjob?

I mean the part/name of the printjob, which is in the document titel column of the printer monitor.

To set this information to my listbox, because the name of the temp-file is not convincing. Therefore I thought, I can get the document titel via the cprintjobinfo-object of pdfcreator.