Using custom name for pdf


how do I create custom name to pdfs that are auto saved? I have scripts generating pdf, however I want to give my custom names based on variables. I can use either action before saving or after, it does not matter.
I do not know how I can choose a name from a variable I want before saving or identify just generated pdf to rename after saving.

thanks for help

noone has any suggestions?


If your PDFs are already generated by scripts, can you use the variables for the metadata of the PDF, for example as title? Then you could simply use the token for auto-saving afterwards. 

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i’m not sure how to do. Lets say my script generates document in SAP. It then sends spool request to local printer. Now I need to tell printer to use specific document number. How to achieve this? I was not able to find a way to feed my variables to metadata for instance.

I can have document number saved in text file. What would be easiest way to use that number as metadata when creating pdf?