Using PDF Creator from Navision



I am using Pdf Creator with Navision and sometimes it does not work and I do not know why.

Normally when PDF Creator works fine, it create three temporary files with these extensions .mtd, inf, .ps in folder "%tmp%\\PDF Creator\\Spool"

What I have detected is when PDF creator is not able to generate the pdf file, the temporary file with extension .mtd is missing and I do not know what do to fix this problem.

To do the PDF Creator working again, I have two options:

1) I have to delete manually both generated files (.ps and .inf) and then I have to do a "Reset all Settings" in options in PDF Creator.

2) Just to keep open the screen "PDF Creator Monitor". So when I am trying to generate again the pdf file, on that screen appears the missing file that was not generated before and the new one

Can anyone help me with this behaviour? I am using PDF Creator 1.4.3

Kind Regards


Jesus Mendez

Hi again

What I have noticed that this behaviour happens when the computer does not have internet access. So I put the parameter "UpdateInterval" to 0, normally works fine.