Using PDF Creator to generate PDF and Paper copy

I am evaluating using PDF Creator on some windows based equipment we have. When the machine currently completes a batch it prints a PDF to a defined folder. The operator does not see anything or need to interact.

Looking at other installs and forum posts for PDF creator the SW can be configured to both create a PDF and Paper copy in the same action? Which is what we want. However can this print be triggered without the operator needing to interact with the PC? The PDF will be sent to the same location and the paper print to the same printer.


yes this is possible with all PDFCreator editions in a fully automated manner:

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I selected PDF Creator to do this exact job. The PDF generates with no issue, however no paper copy is sent to the networked printer.

I can via windows print a test page so I know the printer is connected and configured. I have set the defined printer in PDF Creator to send the file to the printer after generating.

Suggestions greatly appreciated

Edit: If I don't define the printer for PDF creator to use but use the option to select manually. The PDF is created and a dialogue box appears to select a printer manually. If I select the printer a hard copy is produced. So manually is an option just not automatically.

Hi @hwshaw1
Could you please post a screenshot of the Send -> Print settings?

Is this what you need.

That's just fine. Depending on the UI you're using, it would be possible to have the setting configured but inactive.
In your case, it's active.

Please prepare a trace log that is showing the issue and forward it to our support team via the knowledge base.
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Same problem, is there some solution?

I sent some system traces to the technical team at their request. The response is below in "". I also asked when 4.1.0 is available or if an older version would meet my requirements. To date I have had no response to either question. Which is a pity as this would have been a very good solution to me requirements. I will caveat and say a work around was offered with some scripting. But I wanted a clean install and no need to bodge the solution. Again its a nice piece of software in principle but one of the most attractive feature to me simply doesn't work at least in this edition.

"Thank you for getting back to us. Unfortunately, the printing process doesn't work. Our development tell us, that the bug is fixed in the next version 4.1.0. As soon as we receive feedback on the publication, we will contact you immediately."

I installed 4.0.3 and it works. It looks like 4.0.4 is bugged.

yes unfortunately this is correct, 4.0.4 has a bug in the printing action.
We have found the issue and it will get fixed with PDFCreator 4.1.0 and isn't present in PDFCreator 4.0.3.

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