Using PDFCreator in a Web application

Hi All,

I looked for solution in the forum but I haven't found what I was looking for. I hope someone will be able to help me.

Basically I have a web application and I need the client to be able to download the current page as a PDF. It is quite straitforward to do using Javascript but PDF Creator needs to be installed on the client.

Ideally I would need to use PDFCreator server side using c# to create a pdf file / stream on the server and then return that file / stream to the client so it can be downloaded.

Is it something that can be done with PDF Creator?

Thanks in advance,


We do something very like this, though it isn't working using Win 7 / x64 as a server right now and apparently Server 2008 is not working either.

But the basic idea is to have your application print to PDFCreator with PDFCreator set to autosave to a directory that is accessible from the web server. Then the HTML page that you return is built to contain a link to the PDF file.