Using PDFCreator with Excel2007

Last Friday when I finished another round of budget modeling in Excel, I printed and saved one set of my workbook which prints on 82 pages and saved in one neat pdf file of about 544kb. 

I made only a few changes to the file today, but when I printed to PDFCreator, the PrintMonitor pops-up in the background and the print job is now didived into several files of various sizes. 

I really enjoyed believing that all I had to do was send my Excel file to the PDF printer, so I am unprepared for this level of complexity.  I exited Excel and rebooted to try again but I get the same results each time.

I've been blissfully unaware of any special features and haven't messed with any settings.  So what changed aside from a few numbers in a spreadsheet?

I see commands for Combine and Combine All but each successive file seems to be overwirting the previous file.

What can I do to get PDFCreator back to print (and save) these 82 pages in one file?