Using properties

I'm trying to setup some things, like printing a hard copy and/or protect a document with password but doesnt work.
I'm using COM Interface on VB6, method SetProfileSetting to setup properties like:
First of all I setup profile by SetProfileByGuid("DefaultGuid")
Printing.SelectPrinter , "SelectedPrinter"
Printing.PrinterName , "XXX"
Printing.Enabled , "True"
PDFSettings.Security.Enabled , "True"
PDFSettings.Security.EncryptionLevel , "AES128Bit"
PDFSettings.Security.RequireUserPassword , "True"
PDFSettings.Security.UserPassword , "YYY"
PDFSettings.Security.OwnerPassword , "ZZZ"
Then use ConvertTo to made PDF file but no protected PDF, no printed PDF.
Can anybody show some example code?