Using Python COM interface,only intermittently restoring option values


1st ) A BIG thanks to all developers who have had any part in making PDFCreator.

Anyway, I am attempting to integrate PDFCreator into an existing program of mine.  I previously created JPG's of invoices since they were bascially universal across all platforms and smaller in size than PDF's.  Recently though I have been asked to generate PDF's instead.  I had decided to use the COM interface since it's a perfect match for controlling all aspects of the PDF creation.

The issue I am having is that although the code says to read the current 'options', change the 'options', create the file and then restore the 'options' before closing the program... the PDFCreator Print Monitor seldom closes and the old 'options' don't normally get restored.  If I close my program completely, then PDFCreator seems to work correctly, more often.

I don't want to have to close my program completely between each file creation as I may want to convert more files to PDF.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?


 Bumped 3 weeks later.