Using the command line interface for multiple documents and multiple extensions

First off, Love this lil program.

I use this program in conjunction with a front end program. The goal of the union is to mostly automate a process of turning various documents into PDF's quickly. Until recently, I have only used it with XLS files.

Recently, we have upgraded to office 2007, which now has multiple file extensions for excel files, those being XLSB, XLSM, and XLSX, along with the original XLS extension. There is also talk of perhaps including some DOCX, and other extensions to the mix.

My program collects the documents to be converted and moves them to a single location. I then use the following shell command to invoke PDFCreator to start running, referencing the folder containing the documents.

Shell(B2P_PROGPATH & " /NOSTART /PF" & Chr(34) & B2P_LOCALPATH & "\\" & B2P_FILTERSTRING & Chr(34), AppWinStyle.NormalFocus)

B2P_LOCALPATH is a container variable (String) that holds the local folder that the documents to be converted are copied to.

B2P_FILTERSTRING is a container variable (String) that holds a wildcard file extension, in most cases it was "*.XLS".

My question, Can I specifiy multiple extensions in this manner? I realize that *.* will catch everything, but would rather not go that route if another option exists for unspecified technical reasons.

And , just to throw it out there, are there any conversion issues using the new 2007 office formats?