V 1.3.1 filename save

Hi, very new here so please forgive any errors!

I've used PDFCreator for ages and always thought it creates better pdfs than 'publish to pdf' in various applications.

But this new version has me stumped.

I mostly use Wordperfect and had it down to a fine art. So long as I had as the file name in the Save options, and added Wordperfect - .wpd to the File Substitution, PDFCreator helpfully saved my files with the original name. ie file.wpd would become file.pdf. Now, if I leave in place, that literally becomes the file name and and if I knock it out and revert to defaults, the whole path to whichever file I'm converting to pdf becomes the filename.

I realise I must be missing something, but I've tried all sorts of alterations and can't get the new version of PDFCreator to save my files to pdf just with the original filename, not the whole path. I've reverted to v 1.2.3 for the moment because it does exactly what I want.

I might also add that with the new version, when I close it, it disappears but doesn't actually close. I have to employ Task Manager to stop the process before I can open it again. Using XP SP3.

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.




have you tried using as token?


I'd tried that with no success but I just uninstalled everything and started over with v1.3.1 which I'd previously installed over v1.2.3. Now  it does save the file name without the whole path. Thank you!

The print monitor also closes down properly.

However, in the document properties of the created pdf, the title includes the whole path, which it doesn't with v1.2.3. Not a huge problem, I can deal with it before saving, but it would be nice if it didn't do it. Am I missing something?