V1.2.2 windows test page fails

After installing v.1.2.2 replacing 1.2.1, printing test page from windows printer properties dialog fails. Printing test page from pdfcreator print monitor succeeds.  Printing from firefox e.g. also fails.  Is a reboot required for this to work?

winxp sp3.


It appears that this problem is caused by failing to either connect to the existing printer monitor/driver/port or to replace it. Deleting the printer from windows, and uninstalling pdfcreator from windows, then reinstalling pdfcreator results in a working installation. Also, during the installation process pdfcreator installer reports it is installing the printer monitor/driver/port.

Meanwhile, the new installation still defaults to A4 paper, leading to a hard to debug issue when printing to letter paper, as almost all US users will want to do.