V1.9.3 Installation

Hi all

As somone who was vociferous about the move to the inbuilt advertising crap I figured I’d best put my money where my mouth is & buy a full version when released, thanks for releasing the no advertising version.

I still think embedding advertising into the install process when you have little or no control over what is presented to the end users is mind numbingly dumb.

Some of my observations on installing & using 1.9.3.

Firstly, why does the install unilaterally wipe out all my settings from 1.7.3?  If it is going to do this would it not be far more civiliised/intelligent/considerate to save/print these settings so they can be referred to when setting up 1.9.3.

Secondly, & not unrelated to the first question, why is the default action to prefix the file name with the name of the program sending the job?  Surely it would make more sense to make the default action to not use the program name.  When I upgraded & had all my settings unilaterally wiped out I have now had to go through resetting custom settings for around 15 programs by memory & testing each one.  In my view it would be far better to have this as an exception when the program name is required which is the exact reverse of how it is now (& how all the commerical programs I’ve used do it).

Thirdly, when the PDFCreator dialog pops up it has a settings button, once pressed it allows for changes to the profile.  The issue is if you click on OK once you’ve made your changes it does not imply Save unlike 99.9% of programs in the world, it doesn’t even make this distinction on the dialog!  Why not use the option of, Save to Profile, &, Use this Time Only, then there is no confusion about what each button does when pressed; at the very least this kinda info should be on the dialog next to each button.

Lastly, don’t set PDFArchitect as the default viewer if it is not installed.

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