Variable DateTime

Hello I download and installed PDF Creater. It is work fine, but when I use variable it create file with date like this 20091224123405.


How I can change this fashion style from 20091224123405 to something like this 24122009-12:34



Or designer can create extended variable?

Sorry for my English

Hello Everyone,

wouldnt it be possible to implement more than the -Token.

Perhaps as in other programs add "YY" (2011) "yy" (11) "HH" (08) "hh" (8) and so on as further Tokens.

Then it is possible that everyone can make its one "timecode".

I also hardly miss that feature, cause I us a format like "110207_filename" (7th february 2011) for my files, time is irelevant for me at that point ...

I think this feature should be easy to implement and will make PDF-Creator even bette a whole lot.

hope my wish comes true :))




perhaps it is possible to add more tokens to the selector like

HH year 4signs "2011"

yy year 2sign "10"

HH hour with leading 0 "08"

hh hour "8"

and so on, as we know it from many other programs.

This would be a great feature to make PDFCreator even better.

And it should be simple to implement ... :)

For my purpose I doenst need the time, only the date in the form yyMMDD :)



mhm .. no really efforts until now :(