Version 1.0.1 Doesn't support Mixed Landscape/Portrait Orientation for Combined Docs

I already have a previous question (which hasn't been answered) on this but it appears a number of other users have also requested help on this. When docs are combines into a single PDF file the orientations of the original docs are not preserved. Which ever doc is first to print, will determine the orientation for the rest of the docs.

Apparently, version 0.9.3 did not exhibit this behavior. How do I get a copy of this version. My users will never accept the behavior exhibited by version 1.0.1.


 I have the same problem but even if a landscape document is sent first to printer, the PDF file generated isn't landscape.

How can I tell to PDFCreator to landscape some pages of a document during a combineAll ?


I really need this, if you can answer please.


Thanks in advance