Version 1.9.4 and 'Print Document' action

I have question about functionality of this action. Is it expected that this action will print pages exactly as sent do PDFCreator? I was hoping to use new version to automatically stamp printed documents with background (header paper) and then send them to real printer. What I get is printed pages without any background.

As a second question Is it possible that some printers are incompatible with this automatic printing? My xerox printer prints only quarter of page magnified to cover entire sheet of paper.


the print action uses the unmanipulated postscript data from the printjob, the backgrounds get added afterwards. You can choose to run a script to print the created file with an external viewer upon completition as a workaround. 
It is possible your printer is not compatible with the automatic printing. Since most of the printing is handeled by ghostscript, some of the details are unknown even to us.

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