Very old unfixed bug and workaround

Until today I kept using PDFCreator 0.9.3 because all newer versions introduced (and did not fix) two critical bugs which made the software unusable for me:

* some non-standard, additionally installed fonts look like garbage in the PDF; the fonts were used in MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents;

* merging landscape- and portrait-oriented documents (with 'Wait - Collect' option) did not work as expected, the resulting document had all pages in single orientation.

These bugs were experienced on a number of different computers and virtual machines, with default settings, and also after playing around with different options -- no luck, both bugs still there up to version 1.2.3.  And I'm not the only one experiencing them, if you check the forums.

But I've found the solution :-)

The bugs are in Ghostscript or on the interface between PDF Creator and the Ghostscript.  I took the old GS 8.54 from PDF Creator 0.8.3 and put in place of GS 9.04 in PDF Creator 1.2.3.  In the 'Program Files' folder.  I kept the new directory names, i.e. 'GS9.04' not 'GS8.54'.  And everything suddenly works as expected.  Tested this on two PCs, one with Win XP, the other with Win 7, all is fine so far.

Maybe someone will find this helpful...

Maybe developers will try to figure out where the problem is: newer GS or communication between GS and PDF Creator...  To keep this piece of software as perfect as it used to be :-)