Virus(es) in PDFCreator-1_7_2_setup Download.exe

Hi -

I ran the install exe - which I downloaded directly from your server @ PDForge.  I am currently using WebRoot for A/V & it reported a virus.

I’ve been to the support page about this & ran the check you suggest @  4 of the scans show viruses:

DrWeb: Adware.Downware.2013

ESET-NOD32: Win32/OpenCandy

Rising: PE:PUF.OpenCandy!1.9DE5
TrendMicro-HouseCall: TROJ_GEN.F47V1129

I unfortunately did not save what WebRoot found.

I know & trust ESET & Trend-Micro & am reasonably comfortable with WebRoot.

I have code in one of my systems that utilizes PDFCreator & have invested a lot of time in developing it - but am VERY hesitant to try installing your program on my client’s system with these potential issues.


ETA: I chose PDFCreator only during the install (no PDFArchitect) & did not install the toolbar (which I wish you hadn’t put in there).

So - 34 views, but no replies? 

Maybe I came across wrong?  If so, I apologize.  I am in a quandary - as I’m just not comfortable deploying something at a customer’s when the product’s own site sends me to a page that tells me the exe may be infected.

Anyone have any ideas?


your post is totally fine, I was out of office for a few days. What gets detected isn’t a virus, but the potentially dangerous behaviour of loading another executable during runtime, which loads an offer screen. No additional software will be installed without user permission, but if your clients do the setup theirself and don’t pay any attention to it, they might install some bundeled software like for example an amazon toolbar. We are planning a donators version/custom setup without any ads, if you like we can contact you once we have finished it.



Hi Robin -

Many thanks.  I finally found the WebRoot log - they hide it well.  WebRoot threw a real fit during my install (quarantine, remove, etc.) on DefaultTabSetup.exe.

In searching on the web, I found various posts about it having crashed IE & FireFox - which was my experience: FF did crash & when I rebooted it, I had lost all my pinned tabs. That, of course makes one wonder what else might have happened.

Since all I need is PDFCreator itself, is there any way I can do the install without having this exe installed?  As I mentioned above, I did not install PDFArchitect or any toolbars - as I watch pretty carefully for those.  PDFCreator seems to work just fine after DefaultTabSetup.exe was removed.




if you removed all toolbars and additional offers (PDF Architect is unrelated to this), this definitly shouldn’t happen. I will have a look at this and contact our advertising partner if neccessary.
May I ask which country you are living in, as the offers loaded during setup depend on the location?



Hi -

I believe I removed all!  I could’ve missed one - but I see no new toolbars in FF or IE.

I’m in the US - Vermont if that makes a difference.

Thank you!