Wait Collect feature in PDFCreator 2.x - does it exist?

Recently installed (and then uninstalled) PDFCreator 2.0.  Specifically did NOT want PDFArchitect installed with it.  So didn’t. I have become very accustomed to the nice feature in PDFCreator whereby I can print a bunch of docs to PDFCreator with Wait-Collect set … and then … after some re-arranging  … merge them into a single PDF doc.  For the life of me … I couldn’t figure where that feature is hidden in PDFCreator 2.0 – which by the way is NOT as clean & simple to use as PDFCreator 1.7.3 (what I’m using now). Disgusted (and glad that I maintain a library of old install files), I uninstalled PDFCreator 2.0 and went back to my previous version. 

Question - is Wait-Collect no longer a feature of PDFCreator? Do I have to install PDFArchitect to get it? Or did I just not look in the right place? 



you can still merge files with version 2.0, but the procedure has changed a little bit. Send more than 1 document to the PDFCreator and don’t press the save button in between, this will activate the manage button which opens a dialog for managing and merging the print jobs. We will try to make this more obvious and intuitive again in the future.

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